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Create a platform for supporting and mentoring women in companies and in entrepreneurship to support their growth in the private sector.



Be Transparent.
Be Effective.
Be Efficient.
Be Ambitious.

Increased women's leadership rates in the corporate sector and in entrepreneurship.

The Women Mentor Forum (WMF) is a Kuwait based organization that seeks to support and nurture the growth of women in the private sector, both in entrepreneurship and in the corporate world. We pursue our aim by creating mentorship and networking opportunities for women professionals, while at the same time providing a platform for data collection and dissemination on women and the economy.

The WMF Program aims to allow for the exchange of career knowledge and entrepreneurship knowledge between successful women and aspiring young women through forums and mentoring.

Run under different themes, WMF Forums bring successful women entrepreneurs and women executives as speakers to share experiences and give advice to aspiring young women. 

Through the WMF Mentorship program, young aspiring women benefit directly as they are personally mentored by women that have succeeded in their careers, whether in entrepreneurship or in corporate, and are ready to give advice and consult their young women mentees.

The Forums and the Mentorship Programs are run in partnerships with women entrepreneurs and women executives that participate as speakers during the Forums and as mentors in the Mentorship Programs.

Partnerships are created with women entrepreneurs that have created job opportunities through their small or medium businesses, have maintained the growth of their businesses and are contributing to the diversification of the local economy. As to corporate women, we seek to partner with women that have succeeded in reaching executive positions and in their roles have contributed to sustaining the local economy through adding value to companies as local expertise and as women.

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