Our partnership with WMF comes at a time at which ACICO, a leading construction and engineering company of 25 years, is evolving into a more diverse and inclusive company. Lead by the company’s Deputy CEO, Ghosson Al-Khaled, this strategy that she has designed aims at sustaining the company’s growth into the Region.

The approach was simple and straightforward. Understanding the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce, Ghosson hired a woman to lead the human capital department, and we immediately sought out to recruit experienced and talented women to lead some of the company’s key strategic business areas.

This might be considered a challenge in a male-dominated industry, but it is all about will and determination. While implementing medium and long term gender and diversity programs to improve ratings may work in some instances, in others immediate action is required. ACICO took the latter approach and as a result, we are witnessing satisfying results. There are many quick wins being celebrated and we are well into our way towards medium and long term business successes.

We, at ACICO, are happy to partner with WMF to share our experience and exchange thoughts and ideas towards moving into a more gender equal, diverse and inclusive private sector.


Mariam Al-Douri

Human Capital & Communications Group Director


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