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Alghanim Industries

At Alghanim Industries we have prioritized gender diversity internally and externally, continuously addressing topics pertaining to the recruitment, development and retention of female talent. We established a framework of policy and practices that have advanced Alghanim Industries’ recognition as one of the top companies for diversity in the region. Such initiatives include launching a nation-wide diversity survey, forming a Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and customizing different training and development programs for female employees. Additionally, we have introduced progressive policies such as extended maternity and miscarriage leave along with paternity leave to foster a healthy and balanced environment for employees.


Alghanim Industries also co-organized a gender diversity conference that hosted local and international guest speakers including our CEO Omar Alghanim, who highlighted in his keynote speech, our company’s commitment to female talent. In addition, we established the Alghanim Industries Women’s Network (AIWN), which provides our female employees with a solid platform to connect with peers, gain exposure, and promote opportunities for upward career mobility. We are proud to announce our partnership with the WMF, a non-profit organization that seeks to support and nurture the growth of women in the private sector, both entrepreneurs and professionals. This partnership is yet another testament to our commitment to empower working women by providing them with the necessary skill sets and knowledge to successfully excel in their careers.

About Alghanim Industries

Diverse, multi-national company employing over 15,000 people in more than 30 businesses across 40 countries

Alghanim Industries is one of the largest, privately-owned companies in the MENA region. Founded in Kuwait, the company operates accross the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. A market leader in almost every major sector, its operations include: engineering, retail, automotive sales and service, insulation and pre-engineered steel building structures, logistics and warehousing, fast moving consumer goods, food & beverage, oil & gas, office automation, advertising, insurance, consumer credit and travel. The company is actively growing its brand portfolio, with a focus on top-tier global partners. Among them: Avis, British Airways, British Petroleum, Cathay Pacific, Daewoo, Honda, Saint-Gobain and Toshiba. Additionally, Alghanim Industries has created a number of successful regional businesses, including X-cite (consumer electronics), and Safat Home (lifestyle and home furniture).

Rose Zergani

Senior Manager of Talent Management and Diversity

Alghanim Industries

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