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Embassy of the United States of America

Statement from the United States Ambassador to Kuwait

The United States is proud to support Kuwait’s Women Mentor Forum in its efforts to advance gender equality and to support women in the private sector.  Besma al-Qassar, with her team and partners, are making important strides for the women of Kuwait - to the benefit of all Kuwaitis. Gender equality is a challenge that every country is struggling to address.  The initiatives of organizations like the WMF are critical to supporting businesswomen and empowering them so that they can achieve their goals and help build the Kuwait of the future.


The sustained development and prosperity of Kuwait, as in all other countries, is dependent on the empowerment of women to participate fully in the economic, social and political sectors of society.  This is an area where the WMF is playing a leadership role. I was honored to attend both the “Leading the Private Sector” and “Social Entrepreneurship” programs organized by the WMF, and I could see first-hand how the WMF has helped women pursue their dreams and make a difference for society.  WMF speakers provided valuable and specific guidance for future women leaders. They inspired the audiences with their approach to life and work, and they showed candor and courage in sharing their experiences. They impressed upon me how we must identify and recognize talent in women and ensure that professional doors are open to them.


I know Besma and her team will set and meet high expectations, and encourage women with whom they come in contact to do so as well.  I challenge the WMF to continue fostering connections, lead mentorship programs, and strengthen the talent of women. The private sector increasingly will be the engine of growth for a diversifying Kuwaiti economy.  The WMF’s efforts to help women achieve their entrepreneurial goals are essential for society as a whole. We look forward to working together with Besma and the WMF to empower women to play an active role in Kuwait’s political and economic development.


Lawrence R. Silverman

United States Ambassador to Kuwait

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