At Limak, our business vision in Kuwait is clear - long-term partnerships fostered by sustainable projects that benefit Kuwait's society and its economy. Therefore, we seek to create positive long-lasting impacts in everything we do, whether they are in our country business projects and investments or our local social outreach endeavors. They all lead to one goal, that is to generate a positive impact for Kuwait and its people.

Kuwait’s Engineer Girls, a programme that we launched and run in partnership with Kuwait University, aims to equip future female engineers with the essential technical and professional skills they need to thrive in their careers.

Parallel to Kuwait’s Vision to transform itself into an attractive business and cultural hub, Kuwait’s Engineer Girls aims to contribute to Kuwait’s vision through funneling more engineers and especially women, who contribute to over 60% of Kuwait University engineer graduates, into the private sector.

Through Limak Kuwait’s partnership with the  Women Mentor Forum, we look forward to realise this goal and enable more women to enter the private sector and support their growth into leadership positions.


Ebru Özdemir

Chairwoman, Limak Investments

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