WMF offers you a one-on-one mentorship program to help you, as an aspiring woman, to achieve success and growth in the private sector.

WMF offers you a one-on-one mentorship program to help you, as an aspiring woman, to achieve success and growth in the private sector.

What WMF offers you:

  1. Mentee Welcome Pack - The complete step-by-step self-guided WMF Mentorship Program.

  2. Psychometric Test  - An online professional personality and motivation questionnaire, in addition to optional ability skills tests: logical, verbal, numerical.

  3. Private Consultation with a HR Consultant to guide you through your psychometric test results.

  4. Mentee Training - private session on the skills and tools needed for successful mentoring.

  5. Mentoring Support Exercises: Career Vision Statement exercise, Mentoring Goals exercise, Mentoring Action Plan exercise

  6. Mentorship Program Framework: Meetings Structure, Meeting Agendas, Meeting Tips.

  7. Mentor-Mentee confidentiality & mentoring agreement drafted in Arabic and English.

  8. Mentorship Journey Kit includes: beautifully designed, made-by-order canvas meeting clutch and hand-stitched notebook and a pen for your mentoring notes.

  9. Facilitate a contact with a mentor* of your choice.

  10. Guidance Meetings/Calls throughout your mentorship program to ensure you benefit fully from your mentorship program.


In addition, the WMF Mentor of your choice will volunteer her time to offer you:

  • Up to 6 one-on-one private mentoring meetings for one year**


*WMF will ask you to select up to 3 mentors in order of preference. In case your first choice is not available, your second choice will be contacted and then third. WMF will share with your selected mentor(s) your CV, and your business profile if you are an entrepreneur, your Career Vision Statement, your Mentoring Goals and your mentoring request letter to assist her in making an informed decision.

**Subject to the mentor's schedule.

Fill out the relevant form below to begin your mentoring journey today!

Or email us at wmf@womenmentorforum.org for any inquiries.

For Corporate Women
with over 5 years of experience working in private companies
For Women Entrepreneurs
that have been working on their business for over 2 years

Research & Development

WMF works to ensure providing effective programs that you can truly benefit from. That is why we invest heavily in research and development to design programs that can support your career goals. 


Part of our development was the pilot mentorship program that we launched in 2017 for women entrepreneurs. The program was used as our case study to develop the WMF Mentorship Program that we are proud to offer you today.

You can read about the case study here.

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