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UPAC is pleased to participate in the annual Women Mentor Forum Program (WMF) in support of female empowerment in the private sector.


When it comes to gender equality and female empowerment, Kuwait is considered to be one of the more progressive countries in the region. In 2017, Kuwait ranked first among Middle Eastern countries in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report. Compared to other countries in the GCC, Kuwaiti women have a higher rate of participation in the labor force. Women in Kuwait have historically held senior leadership positions in both the public and private sectors and have been regarded and respected for their capabilities and professionalism. Although gender inequality without a doubt continues to exist within our society today, it is apparent that over the years, various prominent companies in Kuwait, along with various initiatives such as the WMF, have made a conscious effort to raise awareness of female empowerment and in turn work to strengthen the role of women in the private sector.


At UPAC, we are committed to the principle of gender diversity and continue to support the inclusion of women in our recruitment plans, training programs and overall retention of talent, while actively promoting a healthy work-life balance. Of UPAC’s seven senior executives, three are female, which reflects the value we place on their experience and knowledge.


As women, as Kuwaitis, and as community members, we all have a responsibility to participate in the development of our society; gender diversity is a fundamental component of this overall development. Through engagement in female empowerment platforms, through education and continued awareness, will we be able to empower women today to be the leaders of tomorrow.


I look forward to speaking at the WMF and to share my experiences and outlook with other young women looking to grow their careers and solidify their current and future leadership roles in the private sector.


Nadia Akil

CEO and Vice Chairperson


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