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The WMF Mentorship Program is now open to  women working in the private sector either in private companies or in entrepreneurship.

WMF is a Kuwait-based social enterprise with a vision to support the economy by increasing the numbers of women executives and women entrepreneurs. We aim to achieve our mission through creating career development, mentorship and networking opportunities for women professionals, while at the same time providing a platform for data collection and dissemination.

WMF aims to help empower many more young women and give them the right tools, skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the private sector. Empowering more women economically leads to a rise in the number of women executives and successful women entrepreneurs. This means companies will benefit financially from gender diversity and inclusion at the leadership level. The financial gains realized by companies through gender diversity positively reflect on the private sector which in turn helps the economy become diverse and sustainable.


Personalized one-on-one career development for corporate women and entrepreneurs


Programs and workshops supporting women's career development goals.


Sharing inspiring stories, case studies, career advice as well as research on gender and the economy. 


Events and opportunities for women to connect, share and learn.



For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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